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I dream with their children . . .

As part of my Ethics and Corporate Service Responsivity (CSR) course, we are required to render at least six hours of Service Learning Activity (SLA).  Our group agreed on a book drive for the children being ministered by Doulos for Christ World Harvest Ministry (DFC).  Every Saturday they have J12 Kids Service, 5:30 PM at Doulos for Christ Center, in United Nations Avenue, Manila.  The participants are children of members who are attending the Saturday service and children from their outreach communities.  Our service is to their children

Our activity is divided into two parts – first is the book drive which we started last  June 28, 2017.  To advertise our book drive, we decided to come-up with posters.  It’s  to be posted on our individual facebook account and on key areas.  Several designs were presented, comments were given and posters were revised. We agreed on the design and the content before it was finalized.   Next task was to coordinate the collection of the books and designate a drop off point.    Someone volunteered to safe keep all collected books and be the point person.   Next concern was how to transport the books collected, again, someone volunteered to bring a car to pick-up all collected books and deliver it.  On July 8, 2017 we delivered the book to  DFC.  Before we turned over the books, all of us  helped to segregate the story books and coloring books from the reference books.  Team work at work

The second part of our activity is to help fetch the outreach children from their houses in Sta. Mesa and transport them to the office at DFC.  Our call time is at two in the afternoon at the UN office.  We arrived on time and first delivered the books collected before heading to Sta. Mesa.  Our trip was uneventful and except for finding a place to park our vehicle, we did not encounter any difficulty.  When we arrived, the DFC representative was already there with some of the children.  We went with her inside an alley to invite more children.  The place is a fireman’s nightmare waiting to be set a blazed.  It looks like a street of no return with dead end and a barangay inside a hole. It seems there is no other way out except that alley.   In the alley, when you look up you won’t see the sky but a structure or some kind. If your are six feet tall you might bump your heat to that structure.     On your right are houses one after the other with no breaks in-between as if one’s wall is the continuation of the other house’s wall. Your view is the door  and if it is open, you will see what is inside the house.  On your left, you will see a broken wall to give way or passage for those living in that area. However, in spite of the way it looks, I am glad that it’s not smelly nor fly infested.    Their kind of life

We were able to gather fifteen (15) children.  It seems that they are excited to attend; they showered and dressed-up for the occasion.  One showed off her nice pink skirt paired with shiny pink heeled sandals.  She mentioned she seldom uses it.  Another showed off his new pair of rubber shoes of the same model as that endorsed by an NBA player. One said she likes hello kitty thus her shirt is filled with print hello kitty ribbons. Simple happiness

The service arrived past four in the afternoon. In between the time they were fetched from their house and waiting for a ride, the children would run around play on the street. It’s not a usual preoccupation for children I know, but I guess it’s a way to toughen them – sunshine and physical activities.  Whenever one would shout “andito na ang UN”, they would run to the main road only to find out that it’s a false alarm.  Later, they can’t resist and waited near the main road until it finally arrived.  In a split of second, every one rushed to van and you could see and feel their gladness as they ride.  Pure Joy

My heart bleeds for the outreach children when I saw where they live.  But in spite of their state, they appear to be happy and hopeful. Some children in my former outreach want to be a tricycle driver, but these children have higher dreams – an engineer and a policeman.  Wow!!  It gives me optimism that they will not just end in the street.  I pray that they will continue to attend J12 or other similar activities. I also pray that they will strive harder and never let go of their dreams. I dream with them. 


Doulos for Christ World Harvest Ministry is a Christian Church founded by Bishop Oriel M. Ballano whos  passion in winning souls and making disciples.


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