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Pressed with time and needing to write a corporate social responsibility or business article is difficult for me.  I am currently teaching on a part-time basis and not employed.  At the moment, my world revolves around my family, the house and school.  If there is any exposure I have, it is of small time businesses that thrive around my place.  However, I have ideas which I wish I could implement.  These are simple initiatives based on my observation of people and business around me.  Since I am not a business person and I am not good at linking people and resources, I did not dare to start it.   I can go only as far as looking for an audience who will listen.  Maybe writing this article will help me find a partner or may not. If ever it does not, at least I get to finish the article I need.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for more than 90% of all enterprises.  Not going far from the four corners of my small world, restaurants, bakery, laundry net, water refilling stations and sari-sari stores are sprouting.   I wonder if these businesses are registered and have updated accounting books.    One of the initiatives I want to start is to open a bookkeeping company employing students especially those who are already NCIII bookkeeping accredited by Technical Education and Skills Development   Authority (TESDA).   Inspired by Messy Bessy Cleaners Inc. practice of hiring young adults and sending them to school,  I intend to tie-up with a local college or university to enroll the employees so they can finish college.  This initiative will not only benefit the students but more so the small business.


When you pass by public preschools, you will see parents or guardians chatting while waiting for the children to finish their class.  Another initiative I want is to provide an income opportunity for these parents or guardians.    Instead of wasting time chatting, we can teach them to assemble accessories like bracelets, earrings, necklace, and pendants.  They can do this while waiting.   After delivering the children to their rooms, they will proceed to another room where they will be provided with a tray of beads and materials already segregated and grouped accounting to the design.   Each will be given a design to follow and all required materials.  Before the class ends, they have to surrender the finished items as well as all unused materials.  They will be paid per item finished and quality checked.   The organization will supply the finished item to accessories store.

I may not be working full-time, but my major stress source is cleaning the house, ironing clothes or fixing broken things at home.   My problem is not unique; there are a lot of busy mothers who have no time to do household chores.  There are those who prefer to bond with family instead of spending their rest day cleaning the house. I believe there is a growing demand for house-cleaners and carpenter for hire.  The personnel I intend to hire are unemployed mothers and fathers.  There are unemployed mothers who are good at cleaning houses and ironing clothes.  There are unemployed constructions workers that are looking and waiting for a job (some you can find waiting at the gate of exclusive Villages).   To give them a sense of “professionalism” or dignity, I will endorse them to TESDA for carpentry or house cleaning short courses.


Local government is providing livelihood training and seminars with start-up funds. The participants are eager to start and spend the entire fund to produce their products.  After production, they realize that it is not easy to dispose and sell the items.    They end up with products they cannot sell and loans they cannot pay.  My solution for this is to set-up a nonprofit organization that will purchase their product and market it.    This can be done in coordination with mall owners as their CSR initiative.  They will provide a certain portion within the mall for local government endorsed livelihoods business.

I have several more ideas to share but that’s for the next article. . .

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