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Undone Thoughts

Random thought, thinking aloud, ideas undone... Pressed with time and needing to write a corporate social responsibility or business article is difficult for me.  I am currently teaching on a part-time basis and not employed.  At the moment, my world revolves around my family, the house and school.  If there is any exposure I have,… Continue reading Undone Thoughts



As part of my Ethics and Corporate Service Responsibility (CSR) course, we are required to render at least six hours of Service Learning Activity (SLA).  Our group agreed on a book drive for the children attending J12 Kids Service at Doulos for Christ (DFC) Center.    The participants are children of DFC members who are attending… Continue reading SERVICE with a HEART

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We are all EARTHLINGS!

Earthlings, let's  unite and make caring pandemic! The Earth is sometimes referred to as mother earth and all of us inhabiting her are all her children.  I know, I know it is just a line taken from a speech of  an environmentalist, but if you try to look at world as one big nation, then… Continue reading We are all EARTHLINGS!

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I am not born a leader.  I have known that from the start.  I have no commanding presence and neither am I charismatic or eloquent.   I have no voice among many nor do I challenge a thought.  I do not insist myself nor argue just to emphasize my point.  I simply stand in one corner… Continue reading GREAT LEADERS need GREAT FOLLOWERS

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Saving the EARTH: 1 TREE at a TIME

Our class is required to have a service learning activity.  As soon as I heard it, the light bulb in my head lighted. In excitement, my mind started to run at 200 kmp with pictures of the sea, the mountains, the forest and the rice terraces flashing in my mind. At the back of my… Continue reading Saving the EARTH: 1 TREE at a TIME

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Marijuana – Yes or No?

Researching on a case study for my Ethic class, I came across "Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act"  or House Bill 4477.  Out of curiosity, I made a survey from five friends of different background.  I asked a doctor from Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO), a priest, a mother, a student and a pediatrician… Continue reading Marijuana – Yes or No?

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Seed of HOPE

As a requirement for my Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) class, we are required to render six hours of service learning.  My group mates presented two options for our CSR project – dengue awareness or book drive with outreach to disadvantaged children.   I wanted something different.  I wanted a nature conservation activity.   In fact,… Continue reading Seed of HOPE