Give me back my mornings

via Daily Prompt: Ascend Give me my mornings for I desire sanity Depression and I have been married for a week And sleep has not brought the comfort that I need I can’t do anything but lay awake No sense of morning or evening Just  an empty state . Laid awake night and day, My… Continue reading Give me back my mornings

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Undone Thoughts

Random thought, thinking aloud, ideas undone... Pressed with time and needing to write a corporate social responsibility or business article is difficult for me.  I am currently teaching on a part-time basis and not employed.  At the moment, my world revolves around my family, the house and school.  If there is any exposure I have,… Continue reading Undone Thoughts

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I dream with their children . . .

As part of my Ethics and Corporate Service Responsivity (CSR) course, we are required to render at least six hours of Service Learning Activity (SLA).  Our group agreed on a book drive for the children being ministered by Doulos for Christ World Harvest Ministry (DFC).  Every Saturday they have J12 Kids Service, 5:30 PM at… Continue reading I dream with their children . . .