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Too Risky to simply ask and Feel (echoes in my mind)

via Daily Prompt: Risky Call me curios and that is good, For there is nothing wrong in  asking who, what and why. The quest for answers is as exciting as unwrapping gifts But when questions leads to more questions, When more questions leads to doubt, When doubt leads to suspicion, And suspicion to obsession, Then… Continue reading Too Risky to simply ask and Feel (echoes in my mind)


I wish to wake-up

via Daily Prompt: Ascend Give me my mornings for I desire sanity Depression and I have been married for a week And sleep has not brought the comfort that I need I can’t do anything but lay awake No sense of morning or evening Just  an empty state . Laid awake night and day, My… Continue reading I wish to wake-up

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I need my sanity!

I demand a quiet morning!!! It's not an option, it's a requirement for my sanity. My sanity  is important to me as I already underwent depression.  Yes you read it right DEPRESSION. There was a time that depression and I were bedmates for  more than a week  and it was no fun!   I felt  so… Continue reading I need my sanity!

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Undone Thoughts

Random thought, thinking aloud, ideas undone... Pressed with time and needing to write a corporate social responsibility or business article is difficult for me.  I am currently teaching on a part-time basis and not employed.  At the moment, my world revolves around my family, the house and school.  If there is any exposure I have,… Continue reading Undone Thoughts

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My Father’s Daughter

    I am my father’s daughter, I realized.  My work ethics is an extension of my parents work view.  My parent worked for a beverage Company that operates twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.  They have work on holidays and even on Christmas day.  I remember when I was younger; my… Continue reading My Father’s Daughter

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During our first year anniversary, I asked my husband what he saw in me that made him decide that l am the one.  He said, I am AMIABLE.  I  Googled amiable and says it is having or showing pleasant, good-natured personal qualities; agreeable; willing to accept the wishes, decisions, or suggestions of another or… Continue reading Marcopper



As part of my Ethics and Corporate Service Responsibility (CSR) course, we are required to render at least six hours of Service Learning Activity (SLA).  Our group agreed on a book drive for the children attending J12 Kids Service at Doulos for Christ (DFC) Center.    The participants are children of DFC members who are attending… Continue reading SERVICE with a HEART