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With Faith I hold On

Last bookfair a friend gifted me with a copy of 2017 Didache. Since I am doing my daily journal, I decided to do it the Didache way- 1. write the bible verse from today's reading that touched you 2. Relate it to an event or story or article 3. Choose a bible verse or guide… Continue reading With Faith I hold On

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Daily Prompt: Honk to Remind me

via Daily Prompt: Honk Sending an alarm to myself, Here I go again. Remind me how to be happy honk, honk and honk so here is me writing it again, telling me how to be happy... Happiness is not illusive It’s within arm’s reach 3 keys to unlock it  . . . One is Acceptance… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Honk to Remind me

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Within the my corner of the sky

itvia Daily Prompt: Prefer I'm  now in “IN BETWEEN”, In between here and there.   Its not a bad state to be, Its just me with an "itchy feet".   I itch  for more than what exist, a question of what is beyond this,   Dont get me wrong,  I am grateful and blessed.  … Continue reading Within the my corner of the sky

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Too Risky to simply ask and Feel (echoes in my mind)

via Daily Prompt: Risky Call me curios and that is good, For there is nothing wrong in  asking who, what and why. The quest for answers is as exciting as unwrapping gifts But when questions leads to more questions, When more questions leads to doubt, When doubt leads to suspicion, And suspicion to obsession, Then… Continue reading Too Risky to simply ask and Feel (echoes in my mind)

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I need my sanity!

I demand a quiet morning!!! It's not an option, it's a requirement for my sanity. My sanity  is important to me as I already underwent depression.  Yes you read it right DEPRESSION. There was a time that depression and I were bedmates for  more than a week  and it was no fun!   I felt  so… Continue reading I need my sanity!

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My Father’s Daughter

    I am my father’s daughter, I realized.  My work ethics is an extension of my parents work view.  My parent worked for a beverage Company that operates twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.  They have work on holidays and even on Christmas day.  I remember when I was younger; my… Continue reading My Father’s Daughter

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During our first year anniversary, I asked my husband what he saw in me that made him decide that l am the one.  He said, I am AMIABLE.  I  Googled amiable and says it is having or showing pleasant, good-natured personal qualities; agreeable; willing to accept the wishes, decisions, or suggestions of another or… Continue reading Marcopper